1750mg CBD & CBN Slumber Sweets Gummies - Watermelon (35 count)

Yin Yang Infusions

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These quintessential CBN slumber sweets gummies by Yin Yang infusions are a must have with 35 gummy bears per container and 1750mg of total active cannabinoids! Caution, CBN can have very sedative effects and is intended primarily for sleep or evening use. For daytime use, please refer to our CBD / CBG gummy bears

  • Approx. 50+mg CBD/CBN per gummy, 4:1 ratio of CBD : CBN
  • 1750+mg CBD&CBN per unit, 35 gummies per unit. Approx. 0.25 - 2 gummies per dose
  • 10+mg CBN, 40+mg CBD per gummy
  • Vegan, gluten free, and handmade in America.
  • Comes in a childproof plastic container, net weight approx. 150 grams


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CBN: What is CBN? What are the effects of CBN?

(1 answer) by Yin Yang Infusions

What is CBN? CBN, otherwise known as Cannabinol is Degraded THC. Delta 9 THC degrades into CBN naturally, over time, through oxidation and heat, or it can be forced through a chemical reaction. CBN is slightly euphoric and psychoactive, but in a small way compared to THC. People who use CBN commonly report feeling tired, sedated, relaxed, and calm. CBN is becoming incredibly popular as an aid for sleep. Yin Yang Infusions offers an incredible CBN tincture known as “Dream drops”  which are terrific for night time relaxation. People commonly report that Yin Yang Infusions’ CBN tinctures cause them to feel calm, relaxed, and sleepy right before bed time. CBN can be taken in a variety of forms, but tincture is one of the best methods of consumption because of the high bioavailability and fast onset.