50 Things to Do in the Wild (Explore More)

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This stylish guide to all things to do in the outdoors will bring day hikers and campers of all ages closer to nature in delightful and unexpected ways. Readers learn traditional bushcraft skills, like making a bow and arrow, weaving a fishing net, and building a Swedish fire log, along with fun and accessible projects including making natural candles, creating a mudslide, and taking a night walk in the woods. Maria Nilsson's playful and informative illustrations bring each skill to life, making this the perfect gift for outdoors enthusiasts of all skill levels, from first-time hikers to experienced trekkers. The perfect size to toss in your day pack, 50 Things to Do in the Wild will become an essential companion on all your outdoor adventures.


From the Publisher


"A combination of things about the [year] have made me want to stock up on camping gear and get away from it all. In fact, a quick camping trip last summer was one of the biggest highlights of 2020 for me. And that's where 50 Things to Do in the Wild comes in handy....While not necessarily a manual for survival, the activities do lean towards creating shelter, and finding and cooking food water; all with as few tools as possible, sometimes creating your own tools from natural elements. I love it. There's a lot to learn here...[T]his is an almost universal guide to having fun in the wild, and becoming more at home there in the process."
- Typo-Graphical

"If your giftee is into camping and exploring the great outdoors, this book can help them take their love of nature to a whole new level. They can pretend like they're Henry David Thoreau by learning how to identify trees, craft a stargazing chair, or discover the best ways to read the sun and night sky."
- Mental Floss

"Teens will gladly trade their screens for the engrossing IRL skills-constructing a fishing rod, whittling a twig- in 50 Things to Do in the Wild."
- Martha Stewart Living

"Compact and useful, 50 Things to Do in the Wild is a practical guidebook touched with whimsy. Alongside Maria Nilsson's green-ink illustrations, Richard Skrein explains basic woodcraft: how to build and start a fire; how to construct a primitive shelter; how to collect and purify water. He also suggests activities playful and soulful, such as making mudslides, taking night walks and enjoying the mindfulness of 'forest bathing.'"
- The Wall Street Journal

"Making shelters, mastering knots, fishing, building a fire or foraging for edible plants: an illustrated guide to all the outdoor skills you should have learned in Scouts and Guides but promptly forgot."
- The Globe and Mail

"Books like this are fascinating treks back to the days when folks had to develop survival and woodsmanship skills. Skrein shows how to make bows and arrows, a fishing net, candles, fires and fire logs and basic tools you need anywhere in the outdoors. It's a valuable addition to any collection of survival volumes."
- Arcadiana Advocate

"50 Things to Do in the Wild by outdoor educator Richard Skrein, illustrated by Maria Nilsson, is something of a scout's handbook for adults, down to its nostalgic olive-green illustrations. Divided into sections according to the elements-earth, air, water, and fire-the book presents a range of hobbyist activities. Readers learn whittling techniques and ax skills, ways to identify particular birds' nests and medicinal trees, and how to read the sun and the stars."
- Publishers Weekly

About the Author

Richard Skrein is an experienced educational professional with a profound and enduring passion for outdoor education. He is a Forest School facilitator, teacher trainer and consultant and is evangelical about the benefits of Forest School and outdoor learning. He lives in London, England.

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