Citrus Peeler Gold

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Say hello to our citrus peeler: the zesty little wonder that unleashes the essence of citrus fruits and makes your citrus-peeling experience a breeze.

·Effortless Peeling: Our citrus peeler glides through the toughest citrus skins with ease, effortlessly separating the peel from the juicy goodness inside. ·

Zest Without the (Bitter) Mess: It neatly removes the exact right amount of vibrant zest from the fruit's surface, leaving the bitter pith behind.

·Versatile Vibe: This peeler isn't just for standard citrus in cocktails—it's a versatile superstar! Use this extra-thick veggie peeler to peel thicker foods like kiwi, mangoes, & grapefruit to create all sorts of decorative garnishes.

·Putting the “Hand” in Handle: The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold as you create your beautiful garnishes.

Embrace the zesty side of life, and let this compact powerhouse transform your cocktails & culinary dishes into gorgeous, flavor-packed experiences.