Cosmic Rainbow Towel (Organic) by BATHING CULTURE

Bathing Culture

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Plush, fast-drying, and woven from ultra-soft, certified organic cotton. Hand-tied tassels and a sun washed rainbow palette on natural cotton backing will bring extra life to your bathroom and bathing adventures. Select a set and save 10%!

Body Towel size: 31” x 64”

Radically soft for everyday rituals and aquatic adventures

Extra Large
We made our body towels extra large 31" x 64" for extra coziness as you dry off.

Moisture Wicking & Fast Drying
Due to the large loops and high quality of our fibers, our towels are super absorbent and fast to dry, keeping mildew at bay.

Hand Crafted
Woven in a responsible factory in Portugal, with hand-tied tassels and custom dyed yarns.

Long Lasting Quality
Due to their unique looping pattern, these towels are delicate, but will last with proper care. Like the Bonsai, trim loose threads. Wash delicate and apart from clothes containing zippers, velcro or other snaggy things. Tumble or air dry when possible.

Organic cotton for people and planet (and softness)

Global Organic Textile Standard
Organic matters and ours is certified to the GOTS standard—ensuring the cotton is fairly harvested, safely processed, and verified organic.

Sourced from Organic Farms
100% organic cotton from farms complying to international standards set by IFOAM and USDA Organic.

Manufactured Safely
No toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, chlorine or other carcinogenic compounds have been used.

Safe Labor & Fair Wages
GOTS also ensures workers receive fair wages, safe and hygienic conditions, protected against forced labor / discrimination, and the right to collectively bargain.

All chemical inputs e.g. dyes, auxiliaries and process chemicals have been evaluated and meet requirements on toxicity and biodegradability/eliminability.