Dad Grass Scented Candle

Dad Grass

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Introducing the Dad Grass Classic Scented Candle.    

Inspired by a time and a place that we’ve never been, but aspire to visit.  Heady, right?

Imagine the idyllic California bungalow, inside is a well-worn room, filled with leather furniture, antique rugs, stacks of old books and shelves of vinyl. The smell of the woods outside wafting through the window.  And a stash box on the coffee table, an ashtray next to it, with fresh Dad Grass ready to be rolled.

Scent Profile:  Fresh & smoking cannabis, patchouli, sage and vetiver.  Ceder, oud and sandalwood.  Lavender, charred clove, tonka and a touch of diesel. Top notes of tea leaves, black currant and wild berry.

Hand-poured into double-wicked, custom Dad Grass flower tins, Handmade in LA, 7oz, 55+ long hours of clean burn time