French Don’t Smell - Toilet Smell Eliminator, On-The-Go Toilet Spray, Bathroom Air Fresheners for Home & Travel, Orange, Mandarin, & Lime Zest

French Don't Smell

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About this item

  • Au Revoir, Toilet Stink! - Our bathroom spray is a handy solution to help you escape awkward bathroom situations. Spritz this toilet freshener twice before a number 2 to trap the bad odor, keeping the air fresh and your bathroom ready for the next use.
  • Chic & Durable Bottles - Our bathroom fresheners come in stylish glass bottles that are spillproof and compact. It looks discreet, so you can carry this toilet scent freshener wherever you go or display it together with your bathroom ornaments!
  • Refreshing Scents - Keep your toilet bowls smelling great and your conscience clean with this bathroom scent freshener! Our toilet fresheners encapsulate odor without leaving behind an overpowering lemongrass fragrance. It comes in 2 subtle notes: Citrus & Woodsy.
  • Vegan and Eco-Friendly - This bathroom air freshener is formulated with naturally-derived ingredients that are safe for you and the environment. It stops the nasty toilet scent from emanating without damaging your septic tanks and plumbing systems.
  • A Sophisticated Creation - Le Toilet bathroom refresher originates from Grasse, a French city known for its savoir-faire perfume-making. These toilet air fresheners come in a luxurious design that complements your home and travel aesthetics.