HERMOSA BEACH Tote Bag with Splash-Proof Zipper

Sun Yearround

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Sun Yearround's waterproof dry bags are perfect for any adventure, ensuring the safety of your belongings. They make for a perfect beach bag, allowing you to easily store your wet swimsuit or keep your dry items safe and protected.


This bag is ideal for outdoor and water sports such as swimming, fishing, surfing, snorkeling, camping, and paddling. It is lightweight, can be easily folded when not in use, and is perfect for travel.


Experience the outdoors with our collection of tropical-inspired gear. Whether you're chasing misty rainbows, taking a dip in waterfalls, cycling down old dirt roads or embarking on any adventure, our gear will have you covered. Be ready for anything!


Make accessing your small items effortlessly easier with the external pocket. Equipped with water-resistant zippers and welded seams for additional protection.

Tote dimensions flat: 16” tall, 18” long, 5.5” wide