I'm Just Here for the Drinks: A Guide to Spirits, Drinking and More Than 100 Extraordinary Cocktails

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Sother Teague, one of New York’s most knowledgeable bartenders and Wine Enthusiast's Mixologist of the Year (2017), presents a brief history of both classic and lesser-known spirits with modern-day wit and old-school bar wisdom, accompanied by easy-to-mix drink recipes you’ll soon commit to memory.

Better than bellying up to some of the world’s best bars with a veteran bartender, this series of essays and conversations on all things alcohol aims to reveal how the joy of drinking changed both history and culture?and will likely inspire you to make a little history of your own. After all, no retelling of a great caper or revolutionary event ever started with the phrase, “So a bunch of guys are all eating salad…”.

This hardcover collection of timeless tips, insight from industry pros and 100+ recipes is more than just a cocktail book: It’s a manifesto for living a more spirited life.


Editorial Reviews


"The thoughtful layout, engaging style, stunning photography and inspired but approachable recipes make this a brilliant coffee table book – and an excellent manual for anyone wanting to explore spirits and delve more deeply into cocktails."
- Marlene Thorne, Bartender Atlas

We highly recommend I’m Just Here for the Drinks. It’s a great read, and a really useful font of inspiration when you’re looking to add a bit of flair to your tried and true favorites."
- Eric Kozlik, Modern Bar Cart

A handsome hardcover that makes an excellent addition to the bookshelf, bar cart, or coffee table."
- The Whiskey Wash

"This long-awaited compendium...reads like a dear friend teaching you how to make cocktails."
- Food & Wine

Features easy-to-mix drinks that you will surely love."
- Rudy Aims, The Alcazar.com

"A classic. Teague is a friendly, approachable bartender who can help you navigate a variety of spirits and cocktail recipes with ease."
- Penn Book Center

The favorite of casual bartenders. They loved that it's very approachable, and it inspired them to make new mixes with the knowledge and ingredients they already had."
- MyBest

[Sother] is a voice you’ll want to hear more from, and in his book he showcases all manners of stories and boozy insights, along with a lineup of over 100 cocktail recipes."
- Old Liquors Magazine

"A wonderful cocktail book."
- The Foodie and the Fix

"This hilarious and festive cocktail book is chock full of classic, old-fashioned, and contemporary cocktail recipes. Each recipe page is detailed with beautiful photography and easy-to-follow instructions."
- Style Caster

About the Author

Professional barman Sother Teague, Wine Enthusiast’s Mixologist of the Year (2017), is the former president of the New York chapter of United States Bartenders Guild, Beverage Director at New York bitters and amaro mecca Amor y Amargo, co-founder of NYC bars Coup and the Windmill, and the host of Speakeasy on Heritage Radio Network. He developed a love of teaching while working on the Food Network's Good Eats, and has been featured as a cocktail expert by such publications as EsquireGQThe New York TimesNew York MagazineTime Out, BuzzFeed and more. He lives and works in New York’s East Village, and you should come see him for a drink sometime.