Leather Blanket Carrier

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"My Trek Light blanket is my favorite thing ever! I want to take it with me everywhere I go, but I just can't figure out how to look cool when I'm carrying a blanket. Can you help?" - Anonymous

Well, my anonymous friend, we're glad you asked because we've got just the thing to solve all your blanket carrying needs.

Introducing the handmade, artisan-crafted, leather blanket carrier from Trek Light Gear - made with 100% genuine reclaimed leather.

Yeah, it's super cool.



Carry your: Yoga Blanket. Beach Blanket. Picnic Blanket. Camping Blanket. Life Blanket.

From music festivals to romantic nights under the stars, and from the back of your truck to the edge of the Grand Canyon - the Leather Blanket Carrier from Trek Light Gear is your blanket's new best friend, and yours too. 

Featuring adjustable straps and an easy-to-carry handle, you've now got the perfect way to bring your blanket with you on the road or keep it stored with style at home.




It all begins with furniture. 

All of our leather comes from a furniture maker in Mexico who was previously discarding these excess strips of leather that are a natural part of the manufacturing process.

Every leather blanket carrier is made from these reclaimed leather materials.Reclaimed doesn't mean it's already used or recycled, every piece is brand new genuine leather that just needed a purpose to prevent it from becoming waste.  

By repurposing high-quality materials and preventing them from ending up in the landfill, we're able to minimize our environmental impact and create less waste for our planet.

Every blanket carrier is then handcrafted in Mexico by local artisans continuing a long tradition of craftsmanship and creativity.



  • Adjustable straps to carry just about any blanket size
  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • Feel good! Reclaimed leather avoids waste and we plant a tree for every sale
  • Great for: picnics, yoga blankets, camping, travel, blanket storage, van life, and more. It turns out you can also wear it around your legs and use the handles to lift your legs when they get tired, but don't ask us how we know that.


  • Reclaimed Genuine Leather
  • Handmade In Mexico
  • Happiness Guaranteed


Expect variances!

As mentioned above, our leather blanket straps are all handmade using repurposed leather. While the craftsmanship will always be of the highest quality, there may be slight variances in the leather color or minor design details from what's pictured.