Memphis Rub - Flavour you can't help falling in love with - 60g


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Make your meat sing

Memphis is the cultural home of BBQ hosting the world championships every May. In Memphis, the meat of choice for BBQ is pork utilising dry rubs produced with chilli, paprika and aromatic herbs. With BOHNS Memphis Rub, the great taste of central American BBQ is at your finger tips.

BOHNS dry rubs add flavour, colour, and help produce the heavy, smoke infused, outer spice crust so desired by BBQ pit masters. The dry rub should be generously and evenly sprinkled all over the meat, and left to rest at room temperature for unto an hour before cooking. This simple process will let the seasoning 'sweat' into the meat and deliver great enhanced flavour.


For allergens see ingredients listed in bold italics

Brown sugar, Paprika, Mustard powder, Celery salt, Chilli powder, Black pepper, Onion powder, Garlic powder, Cayenne