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We here at CHEMEX® know a good thing when we design it. Our CHEMEX® Gooseneck Chettle certainly falls into that category, along with beauty, ingenuity and performance. It is a perfect match for brewing with our CHEMEX® coffeemakers, teamakers or any pourover device you may have. The shape is born from our iconic hourglass profile, the gooseneck spout is curved and pointed for the perfect pour. This product is anything but ordinary and sure to be a conversation piece as much as it will be an integral part of your daily routine.

Some Benefits:

  • 1.2 liter / 40.5 ounce capacity: Unlike most gooseneck kettles on the market, we wanted the capacity to brew a full 40 ounce Chemex without having to refill the water.
  • Material and Design: We committed to stay true to the CHEMEX brand. Shapes, chemistry, purity, the hourglass and our iconic “X”. Built with high quality stainless steel. Sturdy, well made and with large capacity, this kettle has some heft to it. 
  • Effortless Pour: We worked to create the perfect balance, when the water, spout and handle are all working as one and pouring the kettle is effortless.
  • Flow Rate: We tested and modified the spout continuously to ensure flow rate was easily controlled by every user based on their personal preference.
  • Multiple Ranges: Chettle can be used on electric, gas, and glass stove tops
  • Finishes: Available in polished and brushed stainless steel
  • Dishwasher Safe: Easy to keep clean


Capacity: 1.2 liter / 40.5 ounces

Spout to handle: 11.5"
Height: 8"
Bottom diameter: 6"

Available in polished and brushed finish

Dishwasher safe kettle

One year limited warranty on manufacturing defects for more information contact us



icons showing how to use the chettle

1. Fill your Chettle
Fill your Chettle with water between the MIN and MAX fill lines.
Warning: Not keeping your water levels between the MIN and MAX lines can result in bodily harm or damage to your Chettle.

2. Heat your water
Place your Chettle over the center of your burner. The stainless steel Chettle is compatible with electric, gas, and glass stove tops.
Warning: The diameter of your electric and gas burner should ALWAYS be smaller in diameter than the Chettle bottom (6"). Do not let the flame of the gas burner spread beyond the bottom of the Chettle.

3. Wait for the boil
When your Chettle comes to a boil remove it from your burner.
Tip: After your water has come to a boil, remove it from the heat and let it rest for approximately 30 seconds before brewing.

4. Brew your favorite hot beverages
Whether it be CHEMEX coffee or tea the Chettle gives you the pour control you need for brewing success.

How to descale your kettle using vinegar

Fill the kettle with a solution of equal parts water and vinegar, and let soak for an hour. Next bring kettle to a boil and let the water and vinegar mixture sit in the kettle for another 15-20 minutes, discard water and rinse the kettle thoroughly.

Dry and then refill the kettle with plain water again, bring to a boil to get rid of any lingering taste of vinegar.

How to descale your kettle using lemon juice

Mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with 2 cups of water in the kettle, and let soak for an hour. Next bring kettle to a boil and let the water and lemon juice mixture sit in the kettle for another 15-20 minutes, discard water and rinse the kettle thoroughly.

Rinse out the kettle thoroughly then boil it again with clean water until the lemon scent is removed.