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Here is Yellowstone National Park as you've never seen it before, thanks to the beautiful photographic artistry of Christopher Cauble. His powerful, contemporary style inspires wanderlust as he takes readers on a remarkable journey of discovery. From dramatic landscapes to intimate wildlife portraits, his distinctive images inspire a new sense of wonder for Yellowstone's timeless majesty. The book's striking cover and art-quality printing are certain to grace the coffee tables and libraries of all who love Yellowstone and fine photography.


Editorial Reviews

From the Inside Flap

Yellowstone National Park's astonishing beautyand diversity leap from the pages of this book because of the keen photographic eye of ChristopherCauble. His unique style beckons the viewer to stepinto the scenes and share what he finds so wondrous about Yellowstone.

Cauble's images are like the park itself: powerful, nuanced, graceful, stark. He sees Yellowstone differently, intimately, a depth of personal perception honed by countless days and nights over manyyears, looking, listening, and waiting for the rightlight at the right moment.

His images convey more than the obvious, although the obvious is gorgeous.

Take the park's thermal areas.  There are nocommon images here. Instead, there are geysersspouting towards galaxies in the night sky, andskeins of steam shifting across reflective hot pools,and unbelievable thermal colors.

Cauble's wildlife photos demonstrate knowledge, acceptance, respect. But viewers of his elk,his bison, his bears and his other wildlife subjectsbecome more than spectators. Somehow, they experience a connection to the viewed.

His landscapes illustrate the principle that thewhole is greater than the sum of its parts. Someimages are magnificent grandeur; others are quietly atmospheric. in all of them, his special skill isseeing--and capturing--the magic of light on theland.

Whatever the subject, Cauble's extraordinaryphotographs invite you to discover Yellowstone:A Land of Wild and Wonder. 

From the Back Cover

Photographer Christopher Cauble reveals the beauty and diversity of Yellowstone National Parkin this stunning collection of contemporary photographs. Yellowstone: A Land of Wild and Wonderinspires wanderlust in readers as Cauble takes them on a remarkable journey of discovery. fromdramatic landscapes to mesmerizing geyser photos to intimate wildlife portraits, these uniqueimages inspire a new sense of wonder for Yellowstone's timeless majesty. 

About the Author

Christopher Cauble grew up in Helena, Montana,where he began his passion for photography byexploring the local mountains with a 35mm lmcamera passed down from his parents. After graduating from the University of Montana with a bachelor's degree in geography, he became a freelancephotographer working mostly in Montana andYellowstone National Park. His work has beenfeatured in magazines and books, including AMontana Journal and the popular children's book,What I Saw In Yellowstone. Cauble is also a dedicated nature cinematographer and his videos havebeen published on many national and international news sites and television programs. He livesnear Yellowstone in Livingston, Montana, with hiswife, Sarah.